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Corporate Branding

Every design firm I know has the basic skills and are creative. What sets Creative Freedom apart from others is Michele's truly unique blend of listening to the customer with her ears and mind while listening to her God with her heart and spirit, then allowing that to flow through her firm's design work to provide the image, logo, and identity that fit us on her first presentation. I've never experienced anything like it. There was no need to go back and forth with endless options and changes.
She "got it" and we got exactly what we wanted, excellent quality and high value
provided efficiently at a reasonable cost.

James Massa, SuperGrow

A company’s brand is it’s identity. How it portrays itself to the world is based on what’s in its heart. We take branding seriously, beginning with logo development and carrying the effect throughout all the work we do.

How we approach design development is a little unique in nature. Rather than looking at what everyone else does, we look at the client within. And we choose to see them with a new pair of eyes.

For owner Michele Keen, faith is a significant part of her walk so before a single image is drawn, she reaches out for direction. She had the revelation some years back that if God's the maker of all things, He knows all our identities, and who better to ask but the source.

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Logo Development

Your logo is literally the single most important element of your design. It defines you and determines how your corporate image will grow. It's a lot like the cornerstone of a building. Once that stone is laid, everything that's built is created from it. How strong your logo is will determine the strength of your image. A strong logo gives you a strong identity. A weak logo gives you a weak one. A logo establishes value. It sets the course for where you're going, confirms vision, and defines the subtle nuances of who you are. With the wrong logo, you can easily fall off course and communicate a confusing message to your audience.

Take our logo, for example. As simple as it is, it speaks of what's important to us — getting out of the box. We're not about conforming to society and looking at what other people are doing. Creativity is unique. It's undefined. No one ever succeeded by being a sorry impersonation of someone else. Neither will your business. Everything comes together when we're authentic in who we are and aren't bound by the world's restrictions.

For that reason, we take logo development very seriously. We'll take the time to get to know you personally and as a company. We'll look to find what's at the heart of what you do and the core truths you stand for. When we walk in our passions, we come alive. We move from a striving economy to a thriving one. Defining your identity through a well established logo fuels that. Let us help get you there.

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Print Design

Once the logo is developed, we then proceed onto print and website design. Although print seems to be taking a back seat in many areas, it is all but gone. In fact, in a day and age when so much is electronic, what better way to stand out from the masses than to engage in good ol’ traditional print. It’ll catch the eye where email marketing lacks.

We are fully skilled in all areas of print from standard stationery to brochures, exhibits, tshirts and more.

Below is a sampling of what we can perform.

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Website Design

Communicating identity to our design team comes to life most effectively through the web work we do. Our web designers, Eric Langlitz and Scott Thornton, are exceptionally skilled. Because each is gifted in both design and development, our websites are finely tuned like a workman’s watch. Often these skills are performed separately by unique individuals, which lends itself to incongruencies. But because the talents rest completely in each of our designers, the marriage of the creative and the technical, in our sites, is a beautiful thing.

In addition to design, itself, we carry our talents into the following programming capabilities.

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Last but not least, to round out our full set of capabilities, we provide services, too, in content development, illustration, and photography.