James Massa - CEO
James Massa, CEO
Portable Sustainable Farming

Imagine growing produce in an environment where the climate was constant – free of hailstorms and snow. Where bugs and pesticides were a thing of the past. And crop growth was a guaranteed 98% perfection. It’d be like heaven on earth. Well, that’s exactly what SuperGrow™ does with their Grow Containers and Centers. By taking large portable shipping containers, they’re able to provide a perfectly controlled environment for growing staple produce at minimal cost. Did you know that over 50% of produce spoils before reaching market? And an additional 20% spoils before reaching shelves? Not to mention the cost of fuel to transport from farm to table. By providing stores and restaurants with Grow Containers, costs are reduced. Take those containers to aid in disaster relief, or support of our military abroad and the doors swing wide.

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