Hibiscus Stables

Mike Oliveto - CEO
Mike Oliveto, CEO
Thoroughbred Racing Partnerships

The gates fly open and they’re off! Like an arrow out of an archer’s hand, race horses fly with a speed and a grace that says only one thing – they know who they are and they’re going for the prize. If you’ve ever been to the tracks, you know what we mean. If you haven’t, you’re in for a surprise. There’s something majestic and glorious about a horse that stirs the power within. That drive to the winner’s circle to leave the rest behind. At Hibiscus Stables, Mike Oliveto makes taking part in the thrill and excitement all that more personal. Through racing partnerships, you become a participant in the race and share in the rewards of the purse. 100% of the dream, at a fraction of the cost. Enter the winner’s circle and know what it is to succeed!

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