Comfort Zones

On July 1st — less than a month — I’ll be on my way to Zambia! I can’t tell you how excited I am. My most developmental years were spent living in the Ivory Coast, in West Africa, and every time I go back to Africa, it feels like I’m going home.

This trip I expect to be a special one for sure. My last trip there was to Uganda. I used to travel to Uganda quite a bit, doing work up in the Northern region where the Lord’s Resistance Army (rebel soldiers) were. They’ve since moved to the Congo but then, and now, there’s a lot to be done to help the people heal. Continue reading

Almost There

With the end of 2013 coming, some interesting things have been happening. I don’t know about you, but the end of this year sure feels like a finish line for me. Anyone else getting that feeling?

The thing about a finish line is it’s always hardest before breakthrough. It’s always darkest before dawn, so if you’re contending against a couple things – maybe family, relationships,  etc. – take hope in this. Things are about to change. Continue reading

Identity Determines Value, Position, and Purpose

About 15 years ago I found myself in a very difficult position. I had been in a relationship for a long time that had completely taken its toll. There is so much about it now that gives me insight, but at the time, it was a very dark place. Often times, to discover who we are, we have to first discover who we are not, and that relationship could not have made that any more clear. Continue reading

The Steve Austin Effect

About a year or two ago a friend of mine at the gym was going through some tough times. This wasn’t your general day-to-day challenge. It was one of those life-changing moments, and I know it was taking a toll on him. My heart was concerned and it was all I could do to pray, when one morning God showed me something I’ll never forget. Continue reading

Your Imperfections Are Beautiful to Me

God has been very clear about the husband he has for me. He always has. Since I can remember. So it’s never been a concern for me if or when that’ll happen. He’s got a plan and it’s a done deal. But he’ll give me little encouragements here and there, insights into what he’s doing behind the scenes and they’re always pretty amazing. Continue reading

Let Love In

This morning when I woke up the words “Land of the Free. Home of the Brave” were stirring for me. Makes sense considering today is the 4th of July and where would we be today if it wasn’t for the courage and strength of those who fought before us. We really don’t know how fortunate we are and it’s times like these that it’s good to stop and think about that for a bit. Continue reading

A Pilot’s Authority

What a year. It’s been a little over one year and one month since I wrote my last blog and sitting here now putting words down again for the first time in what seems ages — because it has been — is definitely a new place.

You know, there’s so much I’ve had to reflect on from the thoughts in my last blogs. Things I’ve seen play out. Not just talking about it but walking it, too. It’s interesting how everything comes full circle and the lessons we learn or experience in our hearts and minds are only there to prepare us for what’s to come. Continue reading

Nuclear Transformation

So the other day, I was on a plane heading back from California. All this talk about stretching boundaries, getting out of our comfort zones, exploring new territories and perspectives, it’s all starting to really open up and create some interesting opportunities I hadn’t exactly planned on … but certainly needed. In line with all this, I took a trip out to the west coast to, you know, check things out and consider what it’d be like to go out in deep waters and venture past the shores I’ve become all too familiar with. Continue reading

Above the Storm … and Through It

Fly like an eagle … above the storm.

You know, there are so many incredible characteristics I love about eagles. The one I love most, in particular, though, is what they do in the face of a storm. They ride it.

A storm is created when there is a warm front that collides with a cold front. When this happens, the warmer air pushes upward and the colder air, downward. The sudden change in atmospheric pressure creates the storm clouds and rain that we’re all too familiar with. Continue reading

Fly Like an Eagle – Part II

“Sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the heart.”
~ Dr. Myles Munroe

Vision. Without it we fail. It creates passion, it creates trust. It creates the very force that enables us to fly. In my last blog I mentioned how the cause of “division” in relationships is found in the very word, itself — di + vision = divided vision. When two people can’t see eye -to-eye, that’s when division happens. When it comes down to it, that’s the real cause of divorce. Continue reading