About Creative Freedom


To help the success of our clients through creative vision and identity, using the relationships we build
to better the world around us.

Creative Freedom began in 2005 when owner, Michele Keen, left a design firm she had previously co-owned to explore the depth of her own identity and what she was created for. In that she discovered a passion for the purposes and dreams of each one of her clients and a desire to understand them more.

Today, we are a team of design professionals, each dedicated to the work we do and the people we serve. Our talent is an expression of our own identities — placed here to reveal the beauty of those around us. What we do is from the heart and built on a foundation of relationship. For it’s only through relationship that we can understand our clients and who they are.

We serve our immediate area of Northern Virginia and Washington DC, but reach out to points across our nation and abroad as well. By connecting with different cultures, backgrounds, and industries, we build a creative framework that lends itself to our passions for design and destiny.

Our specialty is in corporate branding with a focus on logo design, website design, and print. Our knowledge of technology and the latest capabilities ensures our clients receive the best of both worlds – both form and function. Coupled with our visual expertise, we guarantee a custom experience for all our client needs.

The bottom line, however, is our clients’ passion. We have the talents to get the job done and do it well. We take what we know and provide effective tools in promoting business. But it is only in taking who we are that we’re able to help them shine.

I’ve been a client of Michele Keen’s for well over ten years. As an entrepreneur the vision that I have for my companies and the message that I try to communicate for my businesses are deeply personal in nature. Accordingly the passion that I have for what I do is something that comes from within. It’s not something we cultivate. It cultivates us.

Michele has the very unique ability to acutely understand my message and enable me to communicate it to my customers just as effectively, perhaps even more so, than I could on my own. Furthermore, she taps into my passion and channels it in her creative talents providing me with some of the most wonderfully artistic, innovative, and inspiring tools imaginable for growing my business.

Of course, the only way that Michele can be so successful in doing so is by having that exact same passion for what she does and how she does it in creating and molding her company. Her passion is her fuel and her heart is her engine and you can’t help but feel the excitement in her voice as her talents come forth very much like a composer writing a musical piece.

I’ve worked with many people throughout my career and I’ve experienced the good and the not-so-good. Michele is simply the best and she will have me as a client forever.

Mike Oliveto, Hibiscus Stables

Our Team

Michele Keen
Michele Keen
Owner, Project Director & Visionary

Michele Keen has worked in the design industry for almost 20 years, having co-owned another design firm for 9 years prior. Her passion is reaching into the heart of who we are, understanding what makes us tick and what causes us to soar. She serves clients by positioning herself as project lead, focusing on logo development and carrying identity throughout all pieces. Off the clock, she leads violence intervention classes at the Fairfax County Jail, helping others overcome life’s challenges. She lives in Reston, Virginia, loves to travel, and is passionate about adventure. Michele has a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design.

Eric Langlitz
Eric Langlitz
Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Eric Langlitz has been spinning his design and code weaving skills for more than 10 years, engaged in a wide range of projects from small printed materials to the programming of large-scale corporate websites. As a highly motivated full-time creative geek, Eric's passion is designing and building websites that are beautiful, accessible, and standards compliant. When he's not busy staring at his computer for obscene amounts of time, Eric can be found eating mud at nearby single track aboard a sleek carbon fiber mountain bike, or the local coffee shop getting his daily fix. Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and resides near Portland, Oregon with his wife and 'too smart for her own good' 4 year old daughter.

Scott Thornton
Scott Thornton
Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Scott is a graphic and web designer by trade but prefers to be called a "problem solver". He has 11 years experience producing strategically driven design solutions for a diverse clientele. He has helped large corporations such as Universal Pictures as well as small, local entrepreneurs just starting out. He has worked with Creative Freedom’s owner Michele Keen for 10 years as an independent contractor. Scott has earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Shepherd University and is also an accomplished illustrator. Being a native of Buffalo, NY in his spare time you can find him eating chicken wings, enjoying cold weather activities and debating why losing 4 Super Bowls in a row is an accomplishment not a failure.

Who We Serve

Because our interest is in identity and relationship, our focus is on clients with whom we can have the most significant level of impact and integration. For this reason our niche is with small businesses whose goals of growth are to reach their immediate communities. Our core clients are entrepreneurs with dreams that are personal, not larger conglomerates where singleness of purpose and visionary planning is relegated to higher commands. We enjoy getting in on the ground level – in the mud, so to speak – with our clients, where people are real and dreams are big.